4 Cosmetic Chemistry Books You Need

1. Color Cosmetics: A Pratical Guide to Formulation

This is the holy grail of color cosmetic chemistry books. Not only does Hollenberg discuss at depth the different parts to various formulas, but she uses cosmetic formulas from established brands to take home her points. Information about how to produce a formula at both the lab level and large scale are covered.


2. Coloring the Cosmetic World: Using Pigments in Decorative Cosmetic Formulations 

Using pigments within a formula is the bane of a formulator’s existence and a reason why many cosmetic chemists forgo creating color cosmetics. Pigments can easily destabilize a formula and cause problems long after the final formula is approved. The authors of this book take a step-by-step approach to helping you avoid a disastrous outcome. Every single pigment type is discussed at length and instructions on how to add pigments into a variety of products are included.



3. Discovering Cosmetic Science

If you’re in need of an overview of each type of cosmetic formula you can create, this is the book for you. It’s geared towards the DIY set but still contains a wealth of information for formulating. 



4. Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation and Technology

This book is what I call the “vocabulary builder”. It explores what cosmetic chemists need to know before developing a formula and covers why certain ingredients and packaging are used for specific formulas. Baki and Alexandria also toss in random facts and tips for creating the best formula. There are quizzes at the end of each section to test your knowledge.